There are a million candles out here, why would I choose Melted Element?

Melted Element candles are made from 100% premium natural soy wax, free from Zinc, Lead, and chemicals. Our candle composition eliminates harmful CO2 gases present in most paraffin and soy blend waxes currently made by other companies. We are also able to boast a reduced soot wick, saving your walls and counters. ME candles also have excellent scent throw along with edge to edge wax burning. So no more tunneling down the middle leaving excess wax.

What is scent throw and how can I get more of it?

“Scent throw” is the smell that comes from the candle when lit and unlit. The scent from a lit candle is called “hot throw” and an unlit candle is called “cold throw”. Do you ever wonder why some candles you buy have great throw when you light them and some don’t? Multiple factors contribute to this. The cheaper candles in the $2-$10 range use paraffin wax because the scent throw is more powerful and very cheap to produce with burn times half that of 100% soy wax. Not to mention the health implications of the paraffin and blends which are made from petroleum. You heard right, the same thing you put in your car every week to power your engine is throwing chemicals in your home. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Natural soy wax is much harder to produce scent throw because of the chemical composition. Melted Element is a cut above the rest by creating a candle that have great scent throws due to our proprietary process of creating each hand-poured candle. Our burn time is also twice that of most candles in the market. For example a standard 8oz candle will burn for approximately 20 hours. Melted Element candles burn for approximately 40 hours for the same 8oz. We pay attention to quality from start to finish and do not outsource our candle making process to other countries and companies.

Of course wax pool also plays a huge part in the above mentioned items which we will discuss in the next section.

Why do candles have tunnels after being burned leaving excess wax and the ME difference

So you light your non Melted Element candle that you purchased from a store and notice that after burning it there is a huge tunnel down the middle. Then you look at the edges of the container and notice none of the wax has burned on the sides. Why would you be paying your hard earned money to waste a candle? Less wax pool means less scent which makes a sucky candle. Yeah we said it!

Melted Element candles burn edge to edge leaving a full wax pool increasing scent throw and burn times. Once again our focus on process, composition, and quality allow us to provide a a superior candle you will love.