Five Reasons Why

Listen, we get it, you are literally burning your hard earned money. So here are five reasons why Melted Element beats the competition. Quick and right to the point.

  • At least 30% longer burn times.
  • Full wax melt pools and no wasted wax on the edges.
  • Smells just as strong when it is not even lit!
  • Chemical-free experience.
  • Made in USA

What are other people saying about Melted Element?

How long it lasts, how it fills the room with the scent regardless of the room size, obviously that it burns evenly, the fact the smell is fragrant and doesn’t smell like chemicals are going into my air. My husband says he will never buy another candle. -Eronia.


Burn time! Lasts so much longer and even when not lit, the scent still lingers. -Ashley W.


Other candles I have burned have scents that are dull and do not fill up the room. The Melted Element candle scent covers an immense amount of space without being too overpowering. Furthermore, other candles hollow out wasting precious wax. The Melted Element candles even wax burn makes me feel that I am truly getting my monies worth with nothing left behind. -Robel M.


The candles have a wonderful fragrance that illuminates your senses without overpowering you. They also burn consistently which is a definite plus. -Anna K.